The dissemination and understanding of response protocols and training is essential before implementing prevention education.

Stakeholders within the continuum of identification and victim support must know their individual responsibilities, as well as the roles of others within the continuum. Professional training should include educators and all personnel at the local, county and state levels who work directly or peripherally with minor or adult victims of human trafficking.

PROTECT has developed three short training modules for school staff and county stakeholders (Human Trafficking 101, 102, and 103) that take about 2 hours to complete, and are available through our online system.

  • Learn about vulnerability and the identified risk factors for child exploitation
  • Learn about the prevalence of complex trauma and behavioral signs
  • Learn the importance of using a trauma-informed approach
  • Learn about practicing self-care for yourself and the youth you work with

  • Learn commonly used trafficking terms and slang
  • Learn possible red flags for sex and labor trafficking
  • Learn about current laws and reporting processes
  • Learn about why youth need to be PROTECTed through prevention education

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