• Jadyn’s Story (2018)

    Jadyn’s Story highlights a story of slow exposure to sex trafficking before being trafficked herself, seeing girls as young as 11 forced into the sex trade by her pimp, Joker.

  • Mary’s Story (2018)

    Mary’s story emphasizes a common pattern amongst victims, many do not realize what exactly they are victims of. Mary’s interview sheds a light on her life after realizing she had been a victim of labor trafficking.

  • Rebecca’s Story (2017)

    Now a critically acclaimed writer and speaker, Rebecca tells her personal account of being sex trafficked by her boyfriend.

  • Anonymous Story (2017)

    First being trafficked at 12 years old, this brave woman’s story highlights the vulnerability of young runaways.

  • Sold for Sex: Survivor Stories (2017)

    This short film catches a glimpse of the sex trade in Nebraska, and the girls who fall into a life of exploitation.

  • Dan’s Story (2016)

    Dan, a survivor of male sex trafficking, took years to come forward about his experience. This account highlights how many male victim cases go unreported.

  • Barbara’s Story: TEDxTalk (2015)

    “Barbara Amaya ran away at the age of 12 after being abused by family members. She was taken in on the streets of Washington, DC by a couple who seemed nice, but ended up selling her into human trafficking. She was used for months and then sold to a man named Moses who took her to New York and continued to traffic her for many years. Now Barbara fights for other victims of human trafficking and to change policies that treat victims as criminals” (TEDxTalks).

  • The Victims of Human Trafficking Tell Their Stories (2015)

    As part of their large scale investigation, the Toronto Star puts a face to the name of Toronto pimping and exploitation.

  • Jasmine’s Story (2013)

    Jasmine highlights her past life of manipulation, dating and being trafficked by a pimp simultaneously.