PRevention Organized To Educate Children on Trafficking

The PROTECT Program uses a multi-tiered approach to combat human trafficking by providing comprehensive training and reporting protocols to school staff so that they may implement trauma-informed prevention education to students (K-12) and be prepared for disclosed abuse.

Agreed-upon protocols and procedures are the first step to ensuring positive outcomes for those who are identified as human trafficking victims. In the event a student self-identifies, or school personnel identifies a potential human trafficking case, protocols and procedures will help maintain the integrity of the organizational responses to that situation. These protocols should cover and inform everyone from the first responder to the last service provider.

PROTECT's resources are made available nationally through a private online system.  For more information about the training modules and lesson plans, click on the links below.

The PROTECT team has partnered with third-party researchers that are analyzing data about the impact of human trafficking prevention education that has never been tracked before.  The PROTECT coalition spent months working with a collective research team to develop a logic model for PROTECT, which informed the pre- and post-test survey questions that were developed for the training modules and each lesson.

Through quantitative and qualitative research methods, the researchers will aggregate and report the classroom impact of the curricula and training modules.

PROTECT aims to:

  • Increase teacher understanding of human trafficking
  • Increase student awareness of human trafficking
  • Enhance student protective factors

We believe PROTECT will have lasting impact and change, and that tracking its effectiveness through the administration and evaluation of the Qualtrics student surveys will only enhance its impact.

In 2015, California experienced the nation’s highest number of reported incidences of human trafficking, with one third of trafficked individuals being minors. As a response to this crisis, the Office of the Attorney General for the State of California and the California Department of Education established a partnership with three anti-trafficking organizations — 3Strands Global Foundation, Love Never Fails, and Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives — to develop and launch PROTECT, an education program designed to reduce human trafficking and exploitation in communities across California and throughout the nation.

Since the inception of the program, PROTECT has been implemented in over 35 California Counties and has grown to other states, including Utah and Texas, reaching over 500,000+ adults and children.

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Office of the Texas Governor

  • Funding provided for:  The state of Texas

doTERRA Healing Hands Foundation

  • Funding provided for:  The state of Utah

El Dorado County Health & Human Services Agency

  • Funding provided for:  El Dorado County (CA)

Fresno County Superintendent of Schools

  • Funding provided for:  Fresno County (CA)

Kelly Foundation

  • Funding provided for:  Sacramento County (CA)

Lynch Foundation

  • Funding provided for:  San Diego County (CA)

Madera County Department of Social Services

  • Funding provided for:  Madera County (CA)

Marin County Office of Education

  • Funding provided for:  Marin County (CA)

Parker Development Company

  • Funding provided for:  El Dorado County (CA)

PATH – South Lake Tahoe

  • Funding provided for:  El Dorado County (CA)

Rotary International [Rotary District 5180]

  • Funding provided for:  Butte County (CA), El Dorado County (CA), Sacramento County (CA), Sutter County (CA), Yolo County (CA), Yuba County (CA)

Rural County Representatives of California &
National Homebuyers Fund, Inc.

  • Funding provided for:  All 35 rural counties within CA, as well as PROTECT’s development costs.

Soroptimist International – Dixon

  • Funding provided for:  Solano County (CA)

Soroptimist International – Marin

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Soroptimist International – South Lake Tahoe

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