We are happy to announce that nonprofits and other youth serving organizations can now apply to be a certified licensee of the PROTECT Program.

In becoming a Certified Licensee, you will be trained and be able to:

  • Deliver PROTECT’s four pronged approach of protocol, training, curriculum, and data
  • Access and understand the PROTECT Online System
  • Understand PROTECT’s research-based and theory-driven program
  • Engage with PROTECT human trafficking training modules
  • Engage with the PROTECT Elementary, Middle and High School curriculum modules
  • Explain commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, and trauma-informed care
  • Gain access to a library of reporting protocols 
  • Address individual and group norms that support health-enhancing behaviors
  • Develop strategies designed to personalize information and engage students in a way that establishes clear health goals and related behavioral outcomes
  • Reinforce protective factors and increase perceptions of personal risk and harmfulness of engaging in specific unhealthy practices and behaviors
  • Facilitate learning strategies and teaching methods that are culturally inclusive
  • Apply culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) standards and exhibit cultural awareness when interacting with individuals who have experienced human trafficking
  • Access the Senior Program Manager on quarterly calls 
  • Access the PROTECT team and program support
  • Receive annual curriculum updates and training

** These benefits are for a one-year license

Who should apply for licensing?

Educational institutions and nonprofits (with a 501c3 tax-id) may become PROTECT licensees and their employees are eligible for facilitator certification. 

We recommend that licensees select facilitators who have prior experience working with youth in a professional capacity. Facilitators should understand trauma, exploitation and human trafficking, mental health, domestic violence, and sexual assault. In addition, prior experience with group or classroom management and facilitation is helpful. Those individuals who currently teach as a part of their work will be most effective in the implementation of PROTECT.

If you are interested in becoming a licensee, please complete this inquiry form.

Current Licensed Facilitators of the PROTECT Program

Project Protect Our Children (Greater Houston Region)