In addition to the HT101, HT102, and HT103 Training Modules, PROTECT offers four trauma-informed human trafficking lesson plans for school staff to access online and use with their students in the classroom. The curriculum provides a comprehensive understanding of the dangers, signs and historical roots of human trafficking. The goals are to empower students with a better understanding of individual value, identify victims at the earliest possible stage, and respond appropriately with the services and support victims and those at-risk.

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Please note: You will not be able to self-register yourself for the PROTECT Online System without the approval of the PROTECT Team. If you are interested in purchasing PROTECT for your school district, please contact Amanda Taggart.

What students should be receiving these lessons? It’s up to each school to decide!

  • The PROTECT Elementary School Lesson is appropriate for grades K-5;
  • The PROTECT Middle School Lesson is appropriate for grades 6-8;
  • The PROTECT High School (I) Lesson is appropriate for all high school students; and
  • The PROTECT High School (II) Lesson is appropriate for grades 11-12, and could also be implemented during 8th grade history.

What is available to the teachers that are educating students about human trafficking?

  • The lesson plans come with teacher training videos (no longer than 1 hour, 10 minutes), Google Slides, teaching narratives, classroom activities, and letters that can be sent home to notify parents that PROTECT will be taught to students at some point during the school year.

If I work outside of the school district as a non-profit, can I have access to PROTECT to teach inside of the schools?

The mission of our program is to train the school staff themselves to identify/report human trafficking and educate students about prevention, since they know them and see them on a regular basis. Only those employed directly by the schools will be given online access to PROTECT’s curriculum.

Partners and Contributors 

The following organizations and individuals have contributed to the development of the PROTECT © Program.

  1. The California Department of Education, Student Services and Safety Division
  2. California Department of Social Services
  3. WestCoast Children’s Clinic
  4. Five CA CSEC advisory board survivor leaders
  5. Arturo Baiocchi, Ph.D.
  6. Tyler M. Argüello, Ph.D., DCSW, LCSW
  7. Francis Yuen, DSW, ACSW
  8. Three social work Master’s students from Sacramento State University
  9. The Office of the CA Attorney General
  10. External evaluator, The Institute for Social Research
  11. Focus groups of educators at multiple grade levels
  12. Focus groups of students at elementary, middle, and high schools
  13. Focus group of both sex trafficking and labor survivor leaders
  14. Sac County Child Welfare CSEC program manager
  15. Thousands of educating staff and students who have been trained and educated, since 2016, in 33 different counties in CA.