The Human Trafficking Prevention Education and Training Act requires California public schools to:


… it takes 3 hours!

  • PROTECT has developed 3 short training modules (Human Trafficking 101, 102, and 103) that take 2 hours to complete and are available to school personnel through our online learning management system or in-person through county/district PROTECT trainings.
    • Human Trafficking 101:  An Introduction to Human Trafficking (45 minutes)
    • Human Trafficking 102:  Complex Trauma Impacts of CSEC (25 minutes)
    • Human Trafficking 103:  Red Flags and Protocols (10 minutes)


… PROTECT offers that, and more!

What grade levels are offered through PROTECT?

  • PROTECT has developed trauma-informed curriculum for grades 5, 7, 9, and 11 that meet California’s state standards and is available online for teachers to download.

What students should be receiving these lessons?

  • The 5th grade lesson is appropriate for grades K-5;
  • The 7th grade lesson is appropriate for grades 6-8;
  • The 9th grade lesson is appropriate for all high school students; and
  • The 11th grade lesson is appropriate for grades 11-12, and could also be implemented during 8th grade history.

What is available to the teachers that are educating students about human trafficking?

  • The lesson plans come with teacher training videos (no longer than 1 hour, 10 minutes), PowerPoints, teaching narratives, classroom activities, and letters that can be sent home to notify parents that PROTECT will be taught to students at some point during the school year.

Will we be able to measure the level of knowledge that our students and educators have on this topic? 

  • A key component to the PROTECT program is research – so as we implement this program in your county, we will have data to provide to you on the level of impact that we’ve made with your students and your school personnel.