´╗┐Human trafficking impacts cities and towns all over the world. It does not discriminate on the basis of geography, race, color, age, economics, gender or religion.

Human Trafficking Facts:

  • $150 Billion - The size of the human trafficking "industry" globally. (The International Labour Organization)
  • At any given time in 2016 - An estimated 40.3 million people are in modern slavery, including 24.9 in forced labor and 15.4 million in forced marriage. It means there are 5.4 victims of modern slavery for every 1,000 people in the world. (ILO, 2017)
  • 1 in 4 victims of modern slavery are children (ILO, 2017)
  • 11-14 Years Old - The average age of a sex trafficking victim in the United States. (Federal Bureau of Investigation)
  • All 50 States and 167 Countries - Where incidents of human trafficking have been reported. (National Trafficking Resource Center, 2015)
  • Most reported cases of human trafficking in the U.S. - California (National Human Trafficking Resource Center, 2017)