PROTECT is a human trafficking prevention education program that was developed in 2015 through a coalition of three nonprofits (3Strands Global Foundation, Love Never Fails, and Frederick Douglass Family Initiatives), in partnership with the Office of the Attorney General for the State of California, the California Department of Education, Cisco Systems, and the Institute for Social Research at Sacramento State University.  Through this program, teachers and students are learning about red flags, protocols, and ways to prevent exploitation through an online curriculum that provides all classroom materials necessary.


Agreed-upon protocols and procedures are the first step to ensuring positive outcomes for those who are identified as human trafficking victims. In the event a student self-identifies, or a teacher identifies a potential human trafficking case, protocols and procedures will help maintain the integrity of the organizational responses to that situation. These protocols should cover and inform everyone from the first responder to the last service provider.


The dissemination and understanding of response protocols and procedures is the second step. Stakeholders within the continuum of identification and victim support must know their individual responsibilities, as well as the roles of others within the continuum. Professional training should include educators and all personnel at the local, county and state levels who work directly or peripherally with minor or adult victims of human trafficking.


In partnership with Cisco Systems, PROTECT will deliver lesson modules via Collaborative Knowledge which includes a learning management system, knowledge library, expert locator and more. The modules are designed to be delivered sequentially to students in 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th grades. These modules will provide a comprehensive understanding of the dangers, signs and historical roots of human trafficking. The goals are to empower students with a better understanding of individual value, identify victims at the earliest possible stage, and respond appropriately with the services and support victims and those at-risk require.


We are proud to partner with Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) and the National Homebuyers Fund, Inc. (NHF) for the initial funding of the PROTECT program for 35 rural counties in California. If you are interested in helping us continue to grow and scale this program through California and beyond, please contact Ashlie Bryant.


The human trafficking education and training program will be piloted in five California rural counties, increasing each year to eventually cover all 35 rural counties. Through quantitative and qualitative research methods produced with The Institute for Social Research. (ISR), The effectiveness of each step will be measured.


PROTECT will partner with local NGOs to ensure that wrap around services are an integral part of the response that impacted students receive.

Non-Profit Organizations Involved

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Love Never Fails

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